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Jatinga Assam

Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga Assam
Jantinga Village in Assam

Assam’s Jatinga village, known the world over as the “suicide spot” of birds, Jatinga is a small village on a ridge, is located in Dimo Hasao district in the north-eastern state of India, Assam, The village is lush green and scenic, surrounded by serene mountains. 44 species have been identified as ‘suicidal’ and most of them come from nearby valleys and hill slopes. These include Kingfishers, Black Bitterns, Tiger Bittern, and Pond Herons, among others.

Jatinga Assam birds
Birds in Jatinga Assam

The Story of Jatinga

Yes, it is a mysterious phenomenon as birds are not known to have suicidal tendencies.
Earlier it was held by the villagers that the evil spirits flying in the skies are responsible for bringing these birds down. The phenomenon was first noticed in 1905 when the villagers, while searching at night for the carcass of a buffalo killed by a tiger.
The birds are drawn by lights at houses and floodlight of watchtowers during certain times when fog, drizzle, and south-westerly winds come together on a moonless night, and this is how villagers of Jatinga get the opportunity to trap them, they consider the coming of birds a gift of Gods.
Real reasons behind the Jatinga bird’s suicide phenomenon cannot be confirmed as there are different reasons cited by the researchers. This type of phenomenon is also seen in Philippines, Malaysia and Mizoram and also in some another states of India.
It happens in the late monsoon months between September and November and ideally the phenomenon is seen between 7 PM to 10 PM.

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