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Real Ghosts caught on Camera…

Real Ghosts caught on Camera. Video Source: Youtube|RE -research

Here in the above video, there are some clips in which real ghosts are captured:

  • Some police officers were doing late night duty in Police station, suddenly the glass door opens automatically and a very abnormal way. After this, all the police officers were surprised and scared.
  • A girl (very scarred) ran to the police station and she complains that someone is following her continuously, but by jumping on streets light. She even said that he is also now in the police station. After checking the security camera of the police station they found something horrible.
  • We all know that in Google Map we can see the whole world. Even we can explore places in the 360-degree view.  Someone search on Google Map about Martha Chapel Cemetery and started exploring it. Suddenly he found that there is a ghost (girl) caught in Google camera. The girl was hiding behind the tree and staring towards the camera.
  • In Japan, some people were exploring the old building. They thought that no one lived in that building. Suddenly the camera-man noticed that the man with half face was standing in front of them which was horrible.

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